Thanks to [ profile] slodwick, I am now the proud owner of a Dreamwidth account. I go by bubbles over there. If I haven't already brought you into my Circle, it's because I couldn't find you, so please find me instead. I'll keep posting here unless/until friends start disappearing to Dreamland.

In other news, I failed to latch the gate all the way earlier (we really need to replace that thing) and the dog got out. The hubby and I both went out after him. Of course, we don't run as fast, so we were half a block behind when he reached a couple of dogs out for a walk. Each of them was twice his size and willfully ignoring him, but he ran right up and started bouncing and sniffing them. Their owner kicked him away, sending him out into the street, and being the blissfully ignorant creature that he is, that darling doofus dog of ours just kept coming back for more. My husband is freaking out, yelling "Please don't push him into traffic!... If you could just STOP, that would be great!..." while she did the same thing again and again.
I'm just wondering. What kind of dog lover kicks a dog into the street while he's clearly wearing a collar and a bandanna, is not barking or snapping or engaging in similarly aggressive behavior, and while his owner is within sight begging them to stop? This lady just kept walking and went on about enjoying her day. I am dumbfounded.

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Wow, what a horrible person! Your poor doggy could have been pushed in front of a car :( I just don't understand people!

From: [identity profile] kind of dog lover? I could see if she was trying to protect her dogs and your dog was barking or dog is actually only medium size, so when another dogs run up to him, I just pick up my dog and stand there, waiting for the other dog's owner to get control of their dog, which I think is normal!

The only time I ever actually yelled at someone was when I first got my dog and he shook off his leash and went up to another dog. He wasn't even barking or being aggressive either, but the guy not only tried to kick my dog, but he kept advancing towards my dog, which scared him and made it harder for me to get him, even though I told the guy if he would just stand still, I would get my dog, but he was scaring him! (I forgot to add that this guy had already picked up his dog when he was trying to kick mine, so it wasn't like he was even protecting his dog!!) I was fucking livid...well, almost in tears then, but livid later. The next day the crotchety neighbor said 'Hi' to me and I asked him how he had the unmitigated gall to even talked to me after he tried to kick my dog? He just kind of sputtered and tried to deny trying to kick my dog and I told him to never talk to me again and walked off. My (future) SIL was completely dumbfounded herself, but I never yell at people...but I'm with you on the 'who fucking behaves that way and calls themselves a dog lover????'

Sounds like this woman was an asshole as well. Glad your dog is okay though!!!! *HUGE HUGS*


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