Since it's nearly April and I doubt I've posted this month, I suppose it's about time. I've had all sorts of things I wanted to speak intelligently about, on topics such as pregnancy, nutrition, culture, evolution, etc., etc., ad infinitum. I've unfortunately been too busy NOT posting about being sick and miserable, which I will continue to refrain from posting about. Please disregard the previous sentence.

I've been waking up often during the night, and last night woke around 3am with an urgent desire to write a scene in the fanfic I started (and abandoned) years ago. So... yeah. On a less random note, I finally told the moms and associated family The Good News last weekend. About my pregnancy, not about God. The mom, MIL, and soon-to-be-sister all got misty-eyed, and I think my niece gave herself a hernia with the flailing and squealing. It was quite a moment. Plus, Max and my MIL's dog, Chloe, fell in love and are now long-distance neutered lovers. So beautiful.

I'm really happy we finally made the trip. Now it's back to RL, and all that entails... Maybe that explains the sudden desire to immerse myself in fiction.

I'm off to take a walk and think deep thoughts. Misbehave while I'm gone!

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less than six weeks to go! Today is rest day to gear up for yet another week at work :p This late pregnancy thing isn't so great for the whole working thing ;)

Sterling is getting very impatient! He wants to meet the baby RIGHT NOW. He is a firm believer that my belly button is the baby's window to see what's going on out here in the world. But whenever Sterling tries to peek through the window to see the baby, its too dark because the baby has the lights out so he can sleep! LOL

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Its hard to believe--in less than three weeks, we'll be at the point were Sterling was born. If this one is early, too, it could be really really soon!

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Jet Blue

I don't know what airport you fly out of but I just found flights from CA to Boston for $99 each way. Direct flights and everything. I tried calling but the line was busy. You'd have to take the red eye wednesday or thursday night and then fly home on tuesday. I know its not the most desirable in the world, but $99. Love!!


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