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([personal profile] bubbles Feb. 5th, 2009 09:24 am)
I had my first (3-hour!) Dr. appointment, and the only thing I really got out of it was an appointment for an "initial exam" next week, and the unfortunate news that I have already gained enough weight to see me through the first trimester (my appetite -- all my appetites -- are in hyperdrive at the moment). For those of you who asked how far along I am, I'm due in October, so... not very. I'm a planner, though. I appreciate the early notice.

My family keeps saying, "I can't wait!! I bet you can't wait!" I'm like, I don't have to wait. I'm pregnant right now. I'm phenomenally excited about that. Especially this part. I mean, I'm bummed that I had to drop my cardio Hip Hop class because my breasts are too sore to take the all that bouncing, and I guess I won't be hot tubbing or doing Hot Yoga for a while, but really? Once the baby's born I won't have a lot of time and energy for that sort of thing anyway. At least now I can sleep 8 hours a night -- in a row, even. Yeah, I can totally wait. My newfound patience is boundless.

From: [identity profile] schnappycat.livejournal.com

3 hours? What on earth did they do to you? That is twice as long as my IVF appointments! LOL!

I'm glad you are being patient. I never understood, even at the end of my pregnancy, why most women are in such a hurry. Once you have that baby, your previous life as you know it is over, so I figure you should enjoy your own time while you can. I knew that while pregnant and totally could wait. I'm glad you figured it out early and can enjoy it all. And definitely sleep as MUCH as possible. I still have a kid who doesn't sleep through the night, so it's been probably 14 months since I've had a long, good, worry-free night. I'm always tired. Sleep for me! :)

BTW, some of that weight gain could just be initial bloat, which is very common early on. I'm surprised they are already that concerned. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't gain much more for awhile. It seems to come and go in spurts.

From: [identity profile] bubbles79.livejournal.com

LOL, most of that time was spent waiting. I hate waiting. Good thing I'm exceptionally patient now. I am really enjoying being pregnant so far. I'm appreciating things like quiet time and sleep a lot more. =)

No one was really concerned about my weight but me. My weight is generally so stable, it's just unsettling for me to have my clothes fitting so tight already! I'm not really scared of getting fat, though. I consider the baby bump bragworthy, and after the baby's born, I'm sure I'll have better things to worry about. :P

From: [identity profile] nonnierms.livejournal.com

With Sterling I gained a ton in my first trimester, which was very odd since all I could keep down most of the time was chicken broth and french fries :p By the end of the pregnancy, I was losing weight--again very odd since I was on bedrest and the only excercise I was getting involved pushing the buttons on the remote LOL This time around, I was barely gaining and after they put me on a super strict diet that doubled my food intake, I've started losing! OY! heh.

I miss uninterupted sleep. too much peeing and body parts going numb now for that.............Enjoy it now!

From: [identity profile] bubbles79.livejournal.com

Never say "Enjoy it now!" That sounds like the threat of doom... "Enjoy it while you can, my nemesis, Mwa haha haha!"

Thanks anyway for the encouragement. :p

From: [identity profile] nonnierms.livejournal.com

hahaha! Its not the threat of doom--its the threat of frequent wakings :p When it starts happening, just go to bed earlier so you have a little extra sleep time to make up for all the nocturnal trips to the bathroom :p


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