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We created a baby registry at Babies R Us, and it was super fun. I'm not excited about shopping generally, but firing the scanner at will? Super fun, is what I'm saying. As my husband pointed out "It's a magic gun -- you shoot things, and you get more of them". Ah-mazing. I'm only disappointed that I can't find any other baby stores around here. Even the department stores seem to only carry tiny clothes. As most of you know, I'm not big on fashion for myself, but I am wholeheartedly un-big on baby fashion. As far as I'm concerned, until they're old enough to express a preference, clothes are just skin shields. I need to locate more stuff (baby-proofing, -transportation, and -storage type stuff). Please, no one point out that I am going to have to purchase almost all of said stuff myself and have no means of doing so. I'll figure it out. :)

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With Sterling, I had to do my registry from a wheelchair because we waited too long and I was on modified bedrest--my doc gave me the go-ahead to do it after one of my appointments as long as I stayed seated and went straight to bed when I was done :p

This time around, I did it early and took Sterling with me--that kid had the best time! He learned how to work the gun pretty quick and loved picking things out and scanning them :)

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Well, if there's every a Little Nonnie Three, we'll have to see which brother wins the registery gun fight!


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Thank you!! You're about 8 months away from being late, really. :D


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