Thank you, [info]ferdalump, for the card! Every day is Christmas! How exciting (I dare you to comment, [info]syasnomis).

I went line dancing last night. I thought the free lesson was in keeping with the dance kick I've been on of late. Plus, I got to hang out with a couple of my new San Diego friends. So, after all of my (for lack of a better term) "bragging" about my mad dance skilz, I was reminded that I can not handle choreography. Yikes. That was bad. Also, Superfun. I stepped on my own foot multiple times, and laughed at myself for about an hour straight.

[By the way, random line-dancing douchebag, just because I enjoy laughing at my own clumsiness does NOT make it ok for you to try to make me do a move I never learned, and then laugh in my face. Facehead.]

I got an invite to an "all you can drink! free booze!" party tonight. Not really my scene. If I get a chance to go dancing again, I will, but otherwise it may be an early night for me. In the meantime, I need to finally clean the house. TTFN!

ETA: Somehow when I posted this yesterday, I set it to Private. Clearly I wanted to demonstrate that I am clumsy even in the interwebs.

From: [identity profile]

ha ha ha h aha ha ha ha ha... i just keep seeing your ass swayin' to achey breaky heart. i... don't know what to say other than... god i heart you hard.

From: [identity profile]

Hey, you're the one who listens to country.

Alright, you can laugh in my face. We're cool like that.

From: [identity profile]

Aww, you're welcome. :) Glad it arrived safely. Merry Christmas!

From: [identity profile]

Thank you, thank you for the card!! It totally brightened my day! You are the sweetest!

From: [identity profile]

That was my goal! You are so very welcome. I'm glad you liked it. :)


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