It is still Earth Day, and I do have something on my mind that is... Earth-related... so I'm taking this opportunity to ask for your advice.

I read something recently which broke my heart. It was in a book about nutrition, and it was discussing the cultural realities that affect what foods are available to us. It said something like, "The question of who gets to eat -- and who does not -- will always be determined by these economic and political factors". I'm crying right now just reading the first part of that sentence. The question of who gets to eat... This is a question?

Apparently it is. So what do I do about it? I can't come up with a way to get excess food to people who need it. I don't have money, I don't have power, and honestly I don't trust people. I don't want to give food poisoning to homeless people like I almost did last time (I took that one for the team). I feel lost and overwhelmed and sort of furious about it.

As I promised [personal profile] myras_girls, I'm posting a list of what I am doing to reduce my inevitably super-sized impact on the planet.

~ Using natural products rather than chemicals whenever possible: soap nuts for laundry, vinegar for cleaning, baking soda to deodorize, etc.
~ Line drying my laundry and using the coolest water setting feasible for laundry and showers
~ Making my own natural products, like toothpaste and deodorant, rather than investing in manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and marketing
~ Not driving when I can walk; not using machines to exercise when I can use my body
~ Voting my dollar, including getting produce delivered from a local farm and shopping at the farmer's market
~ Avoiding processed foods, buying in bulk to minimize packaging, and only eating until I'm full
~ Going vegan
~ Using the yard to grow edible and practical plants (e.g., aloe vera), rather than focusing solely on appearances
~ Recycling, composting, and reusing as much as possible
~ Using a water filter and avoiding bottled water, minimizing plastic packaging in general
~ Choosing online versions over paper whenever the option is given
~ Using the library instead of collecting books, CDs, and DVDs I am unlikely to get more than a few weeks' use out of
~ Not having cable
~ Only using the heater or a/c when weather conditions are extreme (easy for me to say, I live in Southern California)

I'm sure there are more, but I'm impressed if anyone made it this far. May as well quit while I'm ahead. Please share your tips! For the list or the whole world hunger issue. I'm looking to clear that up as soon as possible.
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