I meant to post about 1000 other things, but now that my phone is scrap I'm finally motivated. My contract expires next month anyway, so I'm thinking of switching to AT&T and trying to get a free iPhone through FreebieJeebies.com. I've done similar things (e.g., I got this laptop and my iPod free), but I always did the offers myself -- I've never done one of these referral deals. The site seems legit (checks out via BBB online and everything). Has anyone used this site? Can I be a referral for you and still have you be a referral for me? I'm all about the symbiosis. If you have not used the site before, would you consider being a referral anyway, and I will return the favor if it will let me? Hit me up, let me know. :)

ETA: You can get all kinds of (electronics) swag from this site, so if you're not in the market for an iPhone but you could use a new laptop, etc., it could work out well for you.

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